Saturday, October 13, 2007


There are no words. There just aren't words.

It seems hypocritical to write that. I'm writing words to say that "there are no words". So apparently, there are.

The words you use to describe and indescribable situation. "There's nothing to say. There are no words."

And when you say that, people know what you're talking about. The best part is, you're not talking about anything. You're simply saying, "This thing is so complex, so beautiful, so difficult and so painful that I can't choose a word. I could sit here and try for hours to describe it to you. But laziness and brevity dictate my response. So I let you know that there are no words to describe it. I know you understand. I hope."

There are no words. That's a lie. Those four words are a euphemism for TONS of words. Words that we don't know how to say. So is that more profound than silence?

Nah. Silence is open to too much interpretation.