Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stop Crapping on me

I called the lady and asked if I could lower my interest rate. She said no, so I cancelled my credit card. In the following 48 hours:

I agreed to pay for my mom's 400 dollar plane ticket to come visit me. Which is awesome, except that I don't even have a finished bathroom in my house for her to use when she arrives (in one week!)

I had to take Tyson, my foster dog (who is going back to his original family in ONE WEEK) to the emergency room because he ran his dumbass through a bramble patch and seriously gashed his legs and paws open. And that cost 400 dollars.

And as I'm driving my car today, I notice the temperature is really high. It overheats. My radiator is leaking. My engine is covered in coolant. I manage to make it home. I'm sure this is going to cost me. Unfortunately, I can't get it fixed tommorow, because i have to work. I'm gonna guess that it'll cost 200-400 dollars.

400+400+400+no credit cards= empty, overdrafted bank account.

This coming smack dab in the middle of my "work" week- I've been in for 6-8 hours on both of my off days this week, and now I'm going in for three more days. I'm overwhelmed. I'm miserable. I'm broke. And I'm complaining a lot. I'd say "feel sorry for me!" but I'm already doing that. And I'd feel even more crazy, because I know nobody is reading this.



D'Art Strickland said...

Dude, I know the crap on experience. I'm here for you if you need to borrow some peanut butter or something

Darrel said...

I readed it!

Sucks, man. I know how ya feel. Kinda been havin the same thing go on (but not all at once) since last August. If you are in dire need of borrowin some moneys, I got a lil bit you can borrow to get by. I can't help a ton, but I consider somewhat of a friend, and I'll do what I can.

See...I'm not just a dickhead.

Kimberly said...

Nick had a problem with his radiator the other day, too! The day we got back from our deployment, actually... we sat at the airport for like an extra hour because the car broke down just outside the base gate when his friend was coming to pick us up. Anyway, so Nick peered over my shoulder when I was reading this and saw your car troubles and said "Wow, we have so much in common! Cool!" I hope that consoles you a little bit when you have to shell out the big bucks to have your car fixed.

Seriously though, I hope you get all that taken care of. If you want, I could send you your golden toaster a little early and you could pawn it. :)